1. What is program evaluation?

A program evaluation is a systematic examination of outcomes and processes of a program, project, or organization. Data is collected with regard to specific program or organizational goals or objectives. Evaluation findings are used to inform sound decision-making.

2. What type of program evaluation can Grant Fundamentals, LLC provide?

Grant Fundamentals, LLC has extensive experience in the evaluation of education and social services. Specific examples of the evaluations Grant Fundamentals, LLC has conducted in the past can be found on the Program Evaluation page.

3. Does Grant Fundamentals, LLC only provide evaluations for grant-funded projects?

While the majority of our evaluations have been associated with externally funded projects and grants, we also provide privately and internally funded evaluations to businesses, school districts, community organizations, private organizations, and corporations.

4. How much do you charge for an evaluation?

The cost of the evaluation is dependent upon the scope of the project. Grant Fundamentals, LLC evaluation costs are based upon the task—we do not charge an hourly rate. Typically, the cost of an evaluation associated with an externally funded project ranges between 8 and 10% of the project budget.

5. What services are included in a Grant Fundamentals, LLC program evaluation?

We provide comprehensive evaluation services including identification of outcomes and objectives, development and implementation of data collection measures including surveys, interviews, and observations, data analysis, quarterly written reports to enhance project success, formal and informal meetings with project/organization staff, and assistance with annual and final reporting requirements.

6. What do you do with the data you collect for an evaluation?

All electronic data collected is password protected. Hard copy data is secured in a locked cabinet. Data collected from individuals is either anonymous or coded so that the individual’s identity cannot be determined. Results of the data analysis and the evaluation are aggregated—reported as a whole rather than per individuals or units. Data is maintained until the conclusion of the project at which time it is deleted or destroyed.

7. Is program evaluation the only service you provide?

In addition to program evaluation, Grant Fundamentals, LLC provides grant writing assistance and survey research. See our Grant Writing link for more information. Survey research is especially helpful for needs assessments—gathering the data you need to include in a grant proposal to show that your proposed program will indeed address a current gap or need within your community or organization.

8. What do you charge for grant writing?

The cost for grant writing services depends upon the complexity of the proposal. See our Grant Writing page for more information.


If a proposal includes Grant Fundamentals, LLC as the evaluation team, then grant writing services are eligible for a discount.